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Jeep Enthusiasts are…

The jeep owners that give a ‘jeep wave’ as you drive past, the jeep forum members that help you with your questions, the jeep group that invites you to join them on the trails, the DIY’ers that offer a helping hand…

We are the ones you turn to when you want detailed and trustworthy advice on anything jeep related.

Whether you are a new jeep owner looking to get connected in the jeep community, an active jeep enthusiast looking for the next best jeep modification, or a jeep veteran willing to share your expertise, JeepEnthusiasts offers valuable content for everyone!

To give you an idea of what you can expect from us, here are some of the upcoming articles that you won’t want to miss…

Popular Jeep Forums to Join – What forums are right for you!

Jeep Lift Kits – Everything you need to know about jeep lift kits, and choosing the right lift for your jeep! 

Jeep Willys M38 – See the result of Kyle Buchter’s restored Jeep Willys M38!

Jeep Lifestyle – How to plan a successful off-road trip! Where to go and what to bring!

You can also expect a number of jeep product reviews mixed in each related post, providing you with every detail so you can confidently decide what upgrades are best for your jeep. You can learn about our jeep product reviews HERE!

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Founder of JeepEnthusiasts

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Author: JeepEnthusiasts

My name is Brad and I'm the founder of JeepEnthusiasts! I have been a jeep enthusiast for over 10 years and I created this site to be your trusted resource for all jeep related topics and articles!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to JeepEnthusiasts”

  1. I have never really had an interest in jeeps before until I came to this website. I am looking for an affordable vehicle that I can customize to my liking and use on a daily basis. I can also drive off-road whenever I like and jeeps are great for all types of weather conditions. My family would love a brand new jeep. Great cargo space too.

    1. Hi Max! You definitely won’t regret buying a jeep, but be fair warned, you most likely will want to upgrade it continuously over time lol. I have spent roughly 2x the purchasing price of my jeep wrangler throughout the years with modifications and upgrades. I might be adding a used jeep locator to the site soon, which will help you find local used jeeps near you. I appreciate your comment! Thanks :)

  2. I definitely like your niche. I myself have never owned a Jeep, but have family, and friends that do have them, and know that they wouldnt trade them or give them up. I would like to learn more about Jeeps, and will follow your website. I want to see some really cool customized jeeps, and what you can do with them.

    1. Thanks trev! Jeeps are definitely a way of life and it’s true that jeep enthusiasts don’t easily let go of their jeeps, myself included. Many of us have custom jeep upgrades and hours of dedication in our jeeps, personalizing them to our liking. There’s an attachment that grows over time, like a relationship! Definitely stay posted, there are a couple badass featured jeeps in the process of being published soon! Thanks for your comment and support!

  3. Well you seem to have got everything covered for all things jeep related. I’ve never seen as much information on jeeps – it is very informative. I particularly like the jeep convoy photo and would love to experience the jeep wave I imagine that you people have a lot of fun. I wish you all the best with your venture

    1. Thanks Pauline! Not even close to covered yet, still have a ton of Jeep blog posts and articles in the works! I agree with you that the Jeep convoy photo is quite awesome, which is why it’s now a header image for the site! Check back soon for new articles and posts, thanks!

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