Kyle Buchter’s Iconic 1951 Jeep Willys M38

 Another Jeep Willys M38 Destined to be Gone Forever…

…until Kyle Buchter  restored  this old, rusted Jeep Willys M38 and gave it a new life and soul!

Jeep Willys M38 Restored

Featured Jeep Specifications

Year: 1951
Make/Model: Willys M38 Military spec
Owner: Kyle Buchter
Project Type: Complete frame-off restoration
Project Duration: 2 years, and ongoing
Engine: L-Head 2.2L (134.2 cu in)
Transmission: T-90 3-speed
Transfer case: Dana 18 2-range
Front axle: Dana 25 full float
Rear axle: Dana 44 semi float
Suspension: Beam axles w/ leaf springs

Keeping the Jeep history alive!
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