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From classic jeep restorations to hardcore ultra4 competition jeeps, there are many amazing jeeps worthy of some serious recognition and we’re excited to bring them here for you to view and admire! We will keep a running list of our Featured Jeep posts linked in the section below, where we showcase some of the most insane, badass custom jeeps you have ever seen.

Our articles will display everything you want to know about each featured jeep and owner, including (but not limited to) the following…

  • Screensaver worthy photos
  • Owner overview and insight
  • Jeep overview
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Purpose of the build
  • And much more…

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How do we decide what jeeps to feature?

We carefully select featured jeeps that are unique, have character and soul, and stand out among the rest. We think about the custom jeeps that you, as the viewer, would be engaged to see and read about.

We believe that jeeps are an extension of the owners behind the build, so we also take a look at the owner’s story, dedication, and commitment towards their jeep project and their overall purpose of the build (e.g. rock crawling, trail expedition, custom classic, competition / racing).

Benefits for our Featured Jeeps owners!

Featured Jeeps on JeepEnthusiasts is a great way to summarize all your jeep build details in one single post without 50+ forum pages of scattered updates and cluttered comments, making it easy for anyone to learn about you and your jeep! You can include as many (or as few) details as you would like, and can link back to your jeep forum build thread (if you have one) to allow your followers a chance to view a featured overview of your jeep!

JeepEnthusiasts’ Featured Jeeps is a great way to show your jeep to the world outside of the jeep forums! We can include a link back to your build thread to gain additional followers who are interested in learning more about your jeep.

How can I have my jeep featured?

It’s pretty obvious that we love all jeeps, from stock to modified jeeps, but we are only looking to feature custom jeeps that meet the qualifications mentioned above. If you feel that there is something unique and special about your jeep and you have an interest in showcasing it on our site, then please email us with the following information…

  • First and last name
  • A brief description of yourself
  • Jeep trim, make, year
  • List of modifications (just a few of the main upgrades for now)
  • A few high quality photos of your jeep
  • Purpose of your jeep build

We will review your submission and get back to you within 48 hours. We appreciate your interest and support!

You can send your photos and information to me directly at: Brad@JeepEnthusiasts.com

We hope that you enjoy our featured jeep articles! Please feel free to comment and share on your favorite featured jeeps, we value your reactions and opinions. Thanks!

– Brad
Founder of JeepEnthusiasts

Photo Cred: 75 of 140 — 2015 4 Wheel Parts Nitto National Championship via photopin (license)

2 thoughts on “Featured Jeeps”

  1. Hi Brad,
    This sounds awesome. I see people everywhere with all kinds of custom Jeeps and they really do vary in personality. I hear great things all the time such as jeeps are reliable and worth the cost. I had a rental car that was a Jeep Patriot and driving that thing on the highway in a downpour with semi-trucks all around was awesome. It handled so well and was so high off the ground, there was no problem with visibility. Jeeps do seem like great vehicles.

    1. Thanks Jessica! We are a fan of all jeep models and trims, and they are honestly great reliable vehicles! Jeeps are known for their dependability, especially with such a huge aftermarket industry dedicated to jeep upgrades, I can honestly spend all day browsing through a jeep parts catalog online!

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